Exceptional Arara Coffee from São Pedro de Canastra Farm

Exceptional Arara Coffee from São Pedro de Canastra Farm


Local Roastery Mała Czarna proudly presents Arara coffee sourced from an exclusive area on the São Pedro de Canastra Farm, situated in the heart of the Cerrado Mineiro region. This farm is nestled in the renowned Serra da Canastra, a biodiversity sanctuary teeming with an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Here, we encounter a symphony of habitats ranging from imposing rocky fields to lush gallery forests, sustaining a rich tapestry of wildlife.

Visionary Team

Key contributors to the development of São Pedro de Canastra Farm include:

  • Edson Luiz Ignacio, the owner of the farm !
  • Mauricio Mendes – Partner and coffee cultivation expert.
  • Willy Tarcio Dias and Gilcinei Alvet – Specialists in agriculture, collaborating closely with Adrian Romero.
  • Luiz Felipe Junqueira and Warley Oliveira – Experts ensuring you enjoy the finest coffee at home.

Arara Coffee – Taste and Quality

The Arara variety from the exclusive area of São Pedro de Canastra Farm stands out with:

  • Complex Flavor Profile: Arara coffee offers delicate notes of almonds, caramel, chocolate, dried fruits, and sweet milk chocolate, making it a favorite among connoisseurs and specialty coffee lovers.
  • High Yield: The plantation boasts an impressive yield of 55 bags per hectare, showcasing the efficiency and quality of the cultivation.
  • Exceptional Purity and Quality: Our coffee is renowned for its exceptional purity of flavor, making it a standout product in the market.
Characteristics of Arara Coffee
  • Disease Resistance: Arara coffee is exceptionally resistant to diseases like coffee rust and Phoma, minimizing the need for plant protection chemicals.
  • Climate Adaptability: This variety adapts well to Brazil’s diverse climatic conditions, including various altitudes and temperature ranges.
  • Processing Methods: We utilize semi-washed processing methods, which enhance the natural flavor notes of the coffee, such as almonds, caramel, and dried fruits. This process involves removing the skin and some mucilage before drying, balancing sweetness and acidity while preserving the bean’s natural characteristics.
Unique Farm Environment

The São Pedro de Canastra Farm is enriched by:

  • Diverse Wildlife: The farm is a heaven for species like maned wolves, giant anteaters, jaguars, and golden lion tamarins. Birds such as harpy eagles, seriemas, and toucans flourish, along with a myriad of reptiles and aquatic life in crystal-clear rivers and streams.
  • Ideal Climate: Influenced by altitude and topography, the farm enjoys mild temperatures and well-distributed rainfall, with significant temperature variations between day and night, fostering unique flavor development in the coffee beans.
Sustainable Practices

At manufacture, we are committed to:

Environmental Protection: Thanks to its strategic location, the farm faces fewer issues with pests and diseases, reducing the need for pesticides and chemicals. We adopt regenerative agricultural practices and use organic fertilizers, resulting in purer and more sustainable coffees.
Certifications and Commitment: Our dedication has earned prestigious Rainforest and 4C certifications. For the 2024 harvest, we are advancing towards REGENAGRI certification, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to producing sustainable and high-quality coffees.
With the dedication of our specialist team and the use of modern agricultural techniques, São Pedro de Canastra Farm is a place where Arara coffee symbolizes the highest quality and innovation. We invite you to experience our exceptional Arara coffee, which combines superb taste, freshness, and a sustainable approach to production.

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